Wait, A Wine Bottle Can Repel Mosquitoes?

In a climate like ours, we always welcome rain, and the springtime is often rain season. But with the spring rain come mosquitoes, and we’ve yet to meet anyone who gets excited about those pesky bugs.

Fortunately, we’ve found a way to reduce the mosquito population in your yard AND reuse those old wine bottles: wine bottle tiki torches!

RedFish Recycling

What You Need

  • Wine bottles with labels stripped off.
  • Crafting pebbles (or another material to weight the bottom).
  • Citronella tiki torch fuel.
  • Tiki torch wicks.
  • 3/8” x 1/4” brass pipe couplers (1 per wine bottle).

What You Do
Fill the wine bottles about 1/3 full of crafting pebbles. Insert the wicks into the pipe couplers, leaving about 2 inches sticking out the top (this is the part of the wick you’ll light). Fill the bottles with tiki fuel, then insert the wicks with the brass couplers sitting on top of the win bottles.

And that’s it! You now have stylish, DIY tiki torches that will light up your yard and repel mosquitoes.

Brownsville’s health department also reminds residents that mosquitoes require water to breed, so you can help control the population by dumping out containers that hold rain water, keeping gutters clean and unclogged, and repairing leaky pipes and outside faucets.

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