Why Recycle?

Recycling is a smart and sustainable waste disposal solution for our community, our economy, and our natural resources. Depending on the commercial industry, the average organization can recycle 30-75% of their waste stream. So what are the benefits, why do it?

What does Recycling do for You?

  • Convenience. The commercial single stream recycling at RedFish lets you throw all of your recyclables into one bin. No sorting.
  • Preserves Our Planet for Future Generations. Build a cleaner and brighter future for you, your children, your children’s children …

Your Business?

  • Saves Money. Recycling costs less money to process than landfill fees, so you reduce your waste disposal costs by recycling more and throwing away less.
  • Meets Compliance. With corporate initiatives to meet recycling standards and demands to be Landfill Free, recycling is becoming more and more important to your company and your company’s image.
  • Efficiency. With the help of RedFish’s Waste Audit, your organization will have recommendations of how to simplify processes and systems to minimize your organization’s waste stream and be more productive.

Our Planet?

  • Preserves Natural Resources. Reuse the materials that we’ve already extracted from the earth, leaving more room for outdoor recreation and less room for landfills.
  • Reduces Landfill Waste and Toxins. Landfills are designed to bury our waste, not break it down.

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