Upcycling: Outdoor Lighting


Looking for a way to light up your yard? Skip the store and upcycle a new light from items you already have. Upcycled lights have double the sustainability benefits; not only do they recycle old household materials, they also save energy by utilizing solar power. Here are a few project ideas:

  • Plantar Lamp Shade: Combine a solar yard light, an old indoor light, and a hanging planter to make a beautifully unique outdoor lamp. Just find the elements in similar sizes and put them together with a water seal epoxy.

  • Solar Light Mason Jars: This is a great use for old mason jars. Paint the jar rings to give them a shot of color, then fill the bottom with acrylic gems. Grab some solar yard lights from the dollar store and center them in the jar with a strip of double-sided tape on the outside. Then secure the painted ring on the outside of the light and you’re set!

  • Solar Chandelier: This one only takes 15 minutes to put together. Here’s what you need: a metal hanging basket frame, the hanging chains, an outdoor solar light (here it is again), and some beads, shells, or crystals to hang from the frame.
    Turn the basket upside down and hang the chains from the top, then insert the light in the inside. Your light is ready to hang, but this is where you get to show your creativity – select your favorite decorative accents and attach them to the metal frame. These should hang below and give the light a pop of style.

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