Summer Upcycling Projects

A new season is upon us, and that means some redecoration is in order. As always, we’re here to keep you full of DIY ideas that look great around the house and won’t break the bank, all while reusing your old household materials. Here are 2 fun and functional upcycling ideas for summer.

Summer Wind Chimes

There are a few different ways to tackle this one, but our favorite is the wind chime made out of old CD’s. You’re not using them for anything else, so dig up those old AOL discs and scratched up 90’s albums and turn them into something beautiful:

wind chimes

  1.  Take an old curtain rod and spray paint it any color you like.
  2. Spray paint the CD’s different colors, front and back. We recommend bright oranges, greens, and blues for summer.

  3. Cut string into different lengths and thread it through the middle of the CD’s. Then hang them from the curtain rod – they should hang at different lengths but still be able to touch each other.

  4. OPTIONAL: Weave beads into the string to spice up the look of the chimes.

Viola! You have a fun, colorful new wind chime.

Water Balloon Pump

This one’s very simple and saves a ton of water when it comes to filling up water balloons. Instead of turning the hose on and off for each balloon, make a few of these simple pumps and let the kids fill them up all day.

  1. Wash out an old pump-top shampoo or conditioner bottle. The bigger, the better.

  2. Fill the bottle with water and place the balloon over the tip. Just pump to fill.

  3. If the bottle head is too wide to fit balloons, use a pair of scissors to cut it down. Done!

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