Study Proves Customers Prefer to Eat at Green Restaurants

Two-thirds of the nation’s restaurants have recycling programs in place. The other third is missing out on great opportunities to please their customers and make more money.


The National Restaurant Association recently did a study asking consumers about recycling in regard to their choice of restaurant. 60% of consumers said they preferred to visit a restaurant that recycles. With “go-green” initiatives becoming a part of our culture, this statistic is not surprising.


Consumers want to feel good about the purchases they make. By eating at restaurants that recycle, consumers feel that they are making a small difference and studies show that they are even willing to pay more to achieve that. 51% of consumers say they are willing to pay higher prices for menu items if that restaurant recycles.


Redfish has promoted recycling in all areas of business for years, so restaurant recycling is not a new industry for us. We create custom recycling programs for all of our restaurant clients, ensuring that recycling is effortless for staff. We do this in 5 steps:


  1. Free Recycling Audit. A Redfish representative will conduct a waste audit and create a process for the restaurant’s staff to seamlessly recycle.
  2. Placing recycling bins near every trash can. If we provide only one container, restaurant workers may forget to recycle and simply throw items in the trash. By providing a solution for every disposal action, workers will create the recycling habit quickly.
  3. Placing recycling bins outside. We also provide an outdoor bin as a last check for recyclable items. This is the restaurant’s safety net to ensure all workers remember to recycle.
  4. Custom Pick up- Depending on volume and frequency, Redfish will provide a pickup schedule between 1-5 times/week to fit the needs of the restaurant.
  5. Quarterly Plaques– All of our clients receive quarterly plaques that can be showcased in the restaurant for customers to see.


The benefits of restaurant recycling are obvious. Not only will customers prefer you over a non-recycling competitor, the environment will be thankful as well. Our goal is to help all of our community restaurants go green. Contact us today to get a free waste audit.