Silicon Valley Recycling Firm Seeks Mystery Apple I Donor

We often talk about the financial value that can be found in recyclable products, but once in a while, we come across a story that takes it to a whole new level.

Earlier this month, we found one of those stories about an original Apple I computer. According to Texas Public Radio, a woman anonymously dropped off a box of electronics to a Silicon Valley recycling company that contained one of the sought-after vintage computers.411202100

The founders of Apple constructed about 200 of the Apple I computers in 1976, making them extremely rare and valuable. That particular model that was given to the Silicon Valley recycler sold for $200,000, and the company wants to share the profits with the woman who dropped it off. The only problem? She didn’t leave a name.

Whether it was an act of generosity of an honest mistake, this story highlights the value that can be found in recycling. All sorts of lucrative materials can be found in our junk piles; from heavy metals like silver and iron, to – in this case – rare items with value to collectors. Stories like these are good reminders to avoid the landfill and recycle whenever possible, because you never know what you might accidentally throw away.