Ask the Disposal Experts: Old Concrete

Working on any home projects? If you’re tackling large projects like redoing your walkway or front stairs, you may have a pile of leftover material that you need to get rid of, more specifically concrete. Concrete is difficult to dispose of because it’s heavy and hard to transport. Our goal is to help our community keep material out of landfills, so here are a few options for your old concrete.

Give it away – It’s rare to find someone who will buy old concrete, but you can try on Craigslist. However, if you give it away for free, people will usually bring their own truck to come pick it up, it’s a win-win for everyone. Homeowners or small businesses can use the material for paving stones or small garden walls.

Landscape Material Companies – Businesses that sell topsoil, gravel and other similar materials often accept old concrete for a small fee. Their facilities are usually equipped to crush concrete and resell it as a base layer for new roadways.

Landscaping Companies – Creative landscapers are always on the hunt for unique alternatives for retaining walls and other landscaping elements. These companies also have trucks and crews that can take larger quantities off your hands.

Volunteer and Community Groups – If you have a large amount of concrete, consider approaching a non-profit or community group to see if they’d have any use for the material.

Reuse it yourself – If you’re in the mood to upcycle your garden or back yard, turn the old concrete into a fun project. Concrete can be used to make a retaining wall or a flowerbed. Check out creative projects here.