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Residential Recycling

We pick up your recycling at your home!

Why should we recycle?

Save the Environment

Reverse Climate Change

It is estimated that 37.4 million tons of recyclables are put in the trash by single family households, if they were recycled it would reduce U.S. greenhouse gas emissions by 96 million metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent, conserve an annual energy equivalent of 154 million barrels of oil, and achieve the equivalent of taking more than 20 million cars off U.S. highways.

We make it easy
We give you a bin and will pick up your recycling biweekly. We tell you what goes in the bin. The fee is only $15 a month.

How it works?

We go to you!
1. Collect paper, cardboard, plastic and metal items for recycling – It all goes in one bin.

2. Place your recycling in the bins we provide.

3. The Redfish Truck will pick it up outside your house in your red bin on your designated pick up day.