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August 1st

The EPA estimates that 75%
of everything we throw away
can be recycled

Every Piece Counts
Curbside recycling is your chance to make a difference in our community for future generations with small adaptations to your everyday consumption and disposal habits. Landfill space is limited. By sending less waste to the landfill today, we are building opportunities for a cleaner, brighter future for tomorrow.

All in One Bin
Curbside recycling is easy with RedFish. Simply throw all of your recyclables into one bin and we’ll do the sorting for you. Learn more about what you can and can’t recycle with RedFish.

Take Action
Contact your city commissioner or officials and let them know you want curbside recycling. It takes a community effort.

trash Truck-mockup

For the Community
As a thank you to our Brownsville community, you can drop off your recycling at 5250 Coffee Port Rd.