Recycling Mythbusters

What We Do Here At RedFish Recycling.

There is a lot of misinformation about recycling. We are here to give you the facts about what we do here at RedFish Recycling.

  • All the recyclable materials accepted by RedFish Recycling are all sorted in house at our facility.
  • We do not send precious resources to the landfill!
  • None of our materials go to China.
  • The money that we earn from our Commercial Recycling business and our Residential Recycling business goes to salaries for our employees, paying for equipment like our recycling bins, keeping our trucks maintained and our facilities running smoothly.
  • We are a private business, and are happy to be the first residential recycling company to offer these services in Brownsville and Rancho Viejo, TX.
R is for recycling


Recycling is a waste of time as it all goes to landfill.

Not true – Your recycling makes a real difference. By recycling you are helping to reuse valuable materials instead of wasting them. You are helping us save valuable space in our landfill. You are helping reduce the amount of plastic that goes into the oceans and harms our wildlife.


Recycling uses more energy than it saves

Not true – Up to 95% less energy is needed to make products using recycled materials. Your recycling helps to save valuable resources and protect the environment for our future. Did you know recycling one aluminum can save enough energy to run a TV for four hours?

Mthybuster fact 2 energy lightbulb hanging


It doesn’t matter if I put the wrong things in my red bin, it all gets sorted out anyway

Not true – If you put the wrong things in your recycling, you risk contaminating the other recyclable material. This might mean materials that would otherwise have been recycled are sent for disposal rather than recycling.

Mythbuster fact 3 red bin contamination

Our Service Area

  • Brownsville, TX
  • Olmito, TX
  • Rancho Viejo, TX
Residential Coming Soon:
  • Los Fresnos, TX
  • Lago, TX
  • El Camino Angosto, TX
  • San Benito, TX
  • Harlingen, TX
  • Las Palmas-Juarez, TX
  • Le Feria North, TX
  • Le Feria, TX
  • Bixby, TX
  • Mercedes, TX
  • Weslaco, TX
  • Midway North, TX
  • Midway South, TX
  • Donna, TX
  • South Alamo, TX
  • North Alamo, TX
  • Alamo, TX
  • San Juan, TX
  • Pharr, TX
  • Additional Surrounding Areas
  • Brownsville, TX
  • Los Fresnos, TX
  • San Benito, TX
  • Harlingen, TX
  • La Feria, TX
  • Mercedes, TX
  • Weslaco, TX
  • Donna, TX