Oysters: After the Table


At Redfish we love to see unique and innovative efforts to recycle and reuse, especially with materials that aren’t typical when it comes to recycling. Getting creative with materials by recycling and reusing can lead to great results along with keeping the environment clean. We came across a great effort by New Orleans to take recycling to a whole new level using oyster shells.

Dozens of restaurants have joined the Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana’s Oyster Shell Recycling Program, separating oyster shells into recycling bins in the restaurant then shipping shells to a curing site. Recycled and cleaned shells will be used to build a reef shoreline in lake Athanasio in the St. Bernard Parish, creating a solid place for young oysters to attach as well as protecting the marshland behind the reef. Previously, the shells used in the recycling program were thrown out to landfills but since the program began, more than 800 tons of shells have been collected.

While we may not be recycling oyster shells in Brownsville, the effort to think outside the box and stop unnecessary waste is a true recycling inspiration. Whether composting, upcycling materials, or giving new life to an old item, you can make a difference for our environment with your recycling efforts!