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Everyday Examples of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Eliminating waste and protecting our environment requires a community effort, but that doesn’t mean it’s difficult! Check out these simple tips to reduce, reuse, and recycle. Reduce Buy only what you will use – If you have leftovers of something, especially paint or chemicals, pass it along to… Read More

October 12, 2015 • Recycling Tips

General Mills Invests in Going Green

At the end of August this year, General Mills announced its plan to cut carbon emissions by nearly 30% over the next ten years. This percentage comes from the level of emissions reduction science suggests is required for a sustainable and healthy planet.   General Mills began its… Read More

October 5, 2015 • Uncategorized

Teach Recycling to Kids in 5 Steps!

School is back in session and we think lessons about recycling are a great idea! The key to a cleaner, greener earth is to educate our youth on the importance of recycling and conserving resources. Here’s our five-step process for teaching children how to recycle:   Teach WHY:… Read More

September 23, 2015 • Recycling Tips

Study Proves Customers Prefer to Eat at Green Restaurants

Two-thirds of the nation’s restaurants have recycling programs in place. The other third is missing out on great opportunities to please their customers and make more money.   The National Restaurant Association recently did a study asking consumers about recycling in regard to their choice of restaurant. 60%… Read More

September 14, 2015 • Uncategorized

Brownsville School Bells Are Ringing

School supplies signal the start of a new school year and as the Brownsville school bells ring, classroom supplies are already being used up quickly. Implementing recycling in your classroom and school as a whole can make a big difference in waste reduction for our community.   Take… Read More

September 3, 2015 • Recycling Tips

Keeping Brownsville Beautiful

Brownsville is lucky to boast beautiful plant life, a variety of wildlife, and a rich history. Our recycling efforts truly make a difference in preserving our community for years to come. Take some time to appreciate the beauty of Brownsville (and Texas) by enjoying the landscape, history, and… Read More

August 26, 2015 • Uncategorized

Oysters: After the Table

At Redfish we love to see unique and innovative efforts to recycle and reuse, especially with materials that aren’t typical when it comes to recycling. Getting creative with materials by recycling and reusing can lead to great results along with keeping the environment clean. We came across a… Read More

August 12, 2015 • Landfill Free, Reuse, Uses of Recyclables