Keeping Brownsville Beautiful

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Brownsville is lucky to boast beautiful plant life, a variety of wildlife, and a rich history. Our recycling efforts truly make a difference in preserving our community for years to come. Take some time to appreciate the beauty of Brownsville (and Texas) by enjoying the landscape, history, and wildlife.


  • Have you visited the historic Palo Alto Battlefield? Explore the nearly 3,400 acres of natural plains filled cord grass and other natural plains grasses and native prairie flowers. Whether taking a walk or enjoying a picnic, take in the natural beauty of our community.
  • Take a walk with the Brownsville-21 Project. Choose from six walking tour routes and learn about our rich community history. No matter how long you’ve been a resident of Brownsville, our history and community beauty never fails to amaze.


  • Head over to Resaca De La Palma to check out the largest tract of native habitat in the World Birding Center network. Neo-tropical, neartic, and waterfowl are all visitors to the park and provide for some colorful viewing.
  • Texas is home to many endangered and threatened species of wildlife, an even greater reason to recycle and keep our environment clean for these animals.

Plant Life

  • Along with fantastic native trees, Texas has abundant native grasses that fill open spaces and plains with natural vegetation and grazing zones for our wildlife. Whether along the coastline or in the flatlands, our landscape is filled with natural beauty.
  • Check out our wonderful community gardens and see neighbors hard work and dedication to create beautiful (and useful) green spaces.


Brownsville is a beautiful place to live, from historical sites and natural beauty to all the amazing wildlife. With recycling efforts we’re able to keep waste out of nature and preserve our community for years to come.

Photo courtesy of: http://www.fastcompany.com/3002137/how-texas-town-owns-us-naval-ship-recycling-industry