General Mills Invests in Going Green

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At the end of August this year, General Mills announced its plan to cut carbon emissions by nearly 30% over the next ten years. This percentage comes from the level of emissions reduction science suggests is required for a sustainable and healthy planet.


General Mills began its initiative to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in 2005, with a focus on direct operations. Absolute emissions were reduced by 13%.There are no signs of slowing down, as the company plans to invest over $100 million in energy efficiency and clean energy for its direct operations.


However, General Mills cannot achieve its emission goals without the help of its partners. Almost two-thirds of the company’s total greenhouse gas emissions occur outside of its direct operations. General Mills plans to work closely with suppliers and farmers to address greenhouse gas emission reduction, water management, and soil quality. It is also looking to its ingredients and packaging, making efforts to decrease consumers’ carbon footprint.


“While our success depends on our actions, we cannot get there on our own. We believe every company, government and individual has a role to play,” said Ken Powell, chairman and CEO of General Mills. “Climate change is a shared, global challenge that is best addressed at scale.”


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