Don’t Put These Things in Your Recycling Bin

recThe benefits of recycling are numerous, but it can be dangerous for the environment if you accidentally throw a waste product into recycling. There are certain products that cannot be recycled and should avoid the green bins.

  1. Napkins, paper towels, tissue, and wax paper – it is tricky to determine what these paper products have absorbed, and the chemicals and coatings they’re often made with are not suitable for recycling
  2. Lightbulbs, mirror glass, and window glass – these are simply impractical to recycle, although glass bottles and jars are fine (just make sure you rinse them out first!)
  3. Aerosol cans, batteries, and hazardous waste – different communities have their own way of handling these products
  4. Cardboard lined with plastic or waterproofed – because plastics and chemicals are added, they cannot be recycled

Including something that cannot be recycled in your bin may mean that the entire bin will not be recycled! Double checking if something can be recycled will ensure that all of your Redfish bins make a difference in helping the environment.