Brownsville School Bells Are Ringing

chalk2School supplies signal the start of a new school year and as the Brownsville school bells ring, classroom supplies are already being used up quickly. Implementing recycling in your classroom and school as a whole can make a big difference in waste reduction for our community.


Take steps to reduce waste with classroom recycling. After use, classroom supplies can be recycled with Redfish, such as:


A great way to ensure that materials get recycled both in and out of the classroom is to set up a school wide recycling program, if one is not already in effect. Starting a recycling program can seem daunting, but with these great tips you can begin your program in no time:

  • Appoint and delegate: assigning roles and teams creates a group mentality. Setting goals as a team creates a cohesive system and encourages success.
  • Conduct a waste audit: check what materials can be recycled. If materials are unable to be recycled, look at what can be re-used, reduced, or maybe even eliminated. Some recyclable materials may even be substituted for the non-recyclable.
  • Decide where to recycle: take inventory of where recycling collection containers would be most effective. Sometimes waste bins can even be replaced with recycling containers.


At Redfish we provide custom services to community schools to help create a full waste management plan. We can assist in analyzing your current waste stream, provide dumpsters depending on your recycling needs, and you’ll even receive a quarterly plaque to display how much you’ve recycled. For more information, visit https://redfishrecycling.com/our-services/ .