Behind the Scenes

cardboard - Behind the Scenes

Once we pick up your recycling, the recyclable waste is brought to our single stream processing facility and dumped on the floor into one big pile. The recyclables travel along a conveyor belt into sorting lines where RedFish Recycling staff pick off a designated material on both sides of the sort line (ex. one person picks off cardboard, the next person picks off plastic, the next person picks off metal, etc.). Each material is put into a dumpster and is packed into 1,200 pound bales. These large bales of sorted recyclable materials are sent to paper mills, plastic mills, and metal processing plants. Any unrecyclable materials are considered waste and the trash continues down the conveyor belt for proper waste disposal.

So what happens once those 1200 pound bales leave RedFish’s facility?

Once paper is collected and baled at RedFish Recycling, it is sent to a paper mill to get chopped up and sent through treatment and cleaning processes to wash out the inks and contaminants. The pulp mixture is then processed into recycled paper products.

After Redfish collects and sorts plastics into bales according to resin type, the bales are sent to a plastic milling facility to be washed and shredded into small pieces. Plastic pieces are melted and molded into new plastic products.

Once RedFish sends the metal bales (separated into tin and aluminum bales) to the processing plant, the metal is heated until melted. The metal is then cooled, molded and hardened into new cans and products, which are then sent to beverage and food companies to be filled, sealed and put on stores’ shelves.


You’re Invited to Take a RedFish Tour
Schools, businesses, community groups, and individuals alike are invited to tour RedFish Recycling to learn about recycling and how it saves time, money and the environment. As a part of the RedFish tour, you will receive a free gift to help lessen the waste going to the landfill.