August is National Water Quality Month

August is National Water Quality Month so we at RedFish Recycling would like to bring the issue of water quality to your attention and discuss why it has become such a major problem in the U.S.

Nonpoint source pollution is the leading cause of water pollution in the United States today. It refers to any pollution originating from an outside source which comes in contact with and affects a large body of water. Nonpoint source or NPS pollution has become a major problem in this country, contaminating drinking water, causing beach closings, and disturbing the health and well-being of wildlife. The good thing is there are actions we can take in our everyday lives to help slow this process. The pollution originates around our neighborhoods, in our streets, and throughout our households and finds its way into large bodies of water. So if we keep our cities clean, we can keep our water clean too.

The most common pollutants to come out of our homes are chemicals. Purchase less toxic alternatives like green cleaning products or eco-friendly house paint. Do not pour unwanted chemicals down the drain or outside onto the ground. Instead, take them to a hazardous waste collection center.

Septic tanks can also result in contaminated water if not properly maintained. To prevent leaks and spills, it is important to remember to have your tank inspected once a year. Avoiding the overuse of your garbage disposal or your toilet as a trashcan can reduce the wear on your tank and keep it from requiring regular pumping. Also, generally using less water around the house will keep your tank in good shape.

There are many other ways you can help keep our water clean.

  • Make sure to clean up after pets.
  • Recycle used oil and antifreeze at service station.
  • Use your car only when necessary.
  • Do not flush unwanted medications.
  • Keep storm drains clean.

All these small tasks add up to make a big difference in our water quality. It is up to all of us here in the community to keep our water clean.