Ask the Disposal Experts: Electronics

Businessman Holding Garbage Can With Obsolete Office Equipment

Technology is exciting. Sometimes we’re so pumped to get that shiny new phone, tablet, or computer we forget to think about what we’re doing with the old one. It can be tempting to just throw it in the trash, but discarding electronics can have a negative impact on both the environment AND your finances. Here’s how:

Most electronics contain toxic substances.

When you toss old electronic devices in a landfill, you’re tossing in leaded glass, mercury, batteries, and other toxins. These materials can contaminate our soil and water, which can lead to a major negative impact on the environment, our wildlife, and us.

E-Waste is not junk.

Most consumer electronic devices contain valuable commodities like copper, gold, silver, iron, and aluminum. These are real, reusable substances that can be repurposed into new devices or simply recycled and sold. For this reason, most e-waste recyclers will pick up your old electronic devices free of charge, or even pay you for them.

Where to recycle e-waste in Brownsville.

Fortunately, there are a number of good local options. STS Electronic Recycling offers free electronic recycling for businesses, schools, and hospitals, and even offers a data destruction service to keep your information secure. Forerunner Recycling accepts large shipments of old computers from your business or home, also for free. And Alandro will take computer chips and electronic boards, even paying for certain types.

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