5 Eco-Friendly Holiday Gifts

Untitled design (33)The holidays are a time for giving and joy. Spread joy while also supporting a greener environment with these eco-friendly gift ideas!

Reusable water bottles are easy to find and a great gift for anyone this season. Not only do they help the environment by replacing plastic water bottles that are thrown daily into trash cans and landfills, but they offer a fun and convenient reminder to stay hydrated! Consider gifting one filled with holiday candies for a festive touch.

If you’d like to go a more unique route, look for upcycled gifts on sites like Etsy or at your local craft market. Purchasing products recreated from items that might otherwise be discarded is a great way to keep excess waste out of landfills. Anything from clocks to jewelry to greeting cards can be found upcycled and even more interesting than the originals!

For an interesting and green hostess gift, bring a potted herb! Herbs are fairly inexpensive, yet give an earthy, fresh impression. Best of all, a growing plant is the opposite of waste creation and might inspire even more eco-friendly actions.

For someone who seems to have everything, what about some reusable shopping bags? Plastic bags are used so often and yet don’t always make it to the recycling. Reusable bags can carry more than their plastic counterparts and are easy and convenient to keep in the car. For gifting, roll them up with a bow or fill one with homemade treats.

Finally, gift an experience. Many people prefer experiences over material things and would appreciate tickets to a botanical garden or a chance to go zip lining. What better gift is there than one that brings people closer to our beautiful environment?

This holiday season, you don’t have to choose between an exciting gift and an eco-friendly one. When you keep the environment in mind, you can give gifts to feel good about.