How to Make a 2016 Recycling Plan

It’s that time again to start making New Year’s resolutions! Start 2016 off on a good foot and create a recycling plan.

First, grab your calendar and mark your recycling days. Simply marking “RECYCLING DAY” on your calendar and displaying it where you’ll see it – the kitchen or your mudroom door – will help you to remember to put your recycling out, even on those hectic mornings. Check the days you remember to take out the recycling. You’ll be more likely to incorporate it into your routine and make sure your recyclables are actually being recycled!

Next, mark your calendar for Earth Day, April 22. Earth Day is an important day for our global community, as it is the largest civic event in the world, celebrated by more than a billion people every year. Make sure to do something for the occasion whether it’s participating in one of the many festivals and rallies held for the holiday, or planting a tree in the backyard. Spreading awareness works!

After you’ve marked your calendars, be sure to place your recycling bins throughout your house where you think you’ll need them the most. Usually, this would include the kitchen, the office, and possibly the garage, to catch any unwanted mail or handouts. Strategically placing your recycling bins will make it even easier to stay on track with your recycling plan.

Consider making a chart to track how full your bins are each week and where in the house most of your recycling is coming from. In no time, you’ll have a powerful visual of all of your efforts. Helping the environment is easier than ever when you make a plan and follow through!

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